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You may know that Microsoft Edge Chromium-based is an alternative to the Google Chrome browser specifically for every Windows user. While Mac users normally use Safari. Apart from this, you may browse YouTube videos using the new Microsoft Edge browser. So, in this guide, you will learn how to block YouTube ads on the new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based.

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  4. Adblock Youtube Edge
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YouTube is a great platform for watching entertainment videos, learning different tips and tricks, and many more useful things. But one thing which annoys almost everyone on YouTube is ads. Normally, there are 2 or 3 ads on YouTube videos, it can be on the startup and also in-between video ads.

However, with just one ad on a video, we are completely happy and we appreciate that because that’s how those creators make money. But the number of advertisements is so high recently that you have to watch a 3-minute ad clip to see a 5-minute video.

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Adblock For Windows 10 Edge Free

In Edge Canary there is a new flag that allows the Web capture tool (and Smart copy) to detect when there are several sections in which you can scroll, or also if there is a non scrollable section on the left and another scrollable section on the right (for example, the Settings page), and then you can choose one of those sections and scroll. Edge Add-ons Home; Home; Editor's picks; Trending; Get started; Themes. In fact, after installing Adblock for YouTube, all Youtube ads.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Edge on Windows 10

Luckily, like Google Chrome, now you can install any extension (adblockers or Grammarly) on the new Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC. There’s no direct way to block ads on YouTube within the YouTube app or desktop version on Chrome, Edge or any other web browser.

However, if you want to watch ad-free videos on YouTube then you have the option to use YouTube Premium. With YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without interrupting ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads. You won’t see third-party banner ads and search ads, either.

So without further ado, you have to install an ad-blocking extension from Edge Add-ons to block ads on YouTube videos. For the purpose of this guide, I will use Adblock Plus.

Adblock Plus – Best Ads Blocker For Websites & YouTube

Adblock Youtube Microsoft Edge

Adblock Plus has been installed on over 10 million Google Chrome browsers and is considered one of the best free ad blockers for Chrome. This extension blocks website and YouTube ads and pop-up ads as well as additional antivirus and tracking protection features.


What is praiseworthy about Adblock Plus is that it supports the standard for Acceptable Advertisements (AA). This means it will show certain ads that don’t monitor your browsing activity or take a long time to load so that reputable websites can still earn revenue.

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC.

Step 2. Click on the menu at the top right-hand corner and select Extensions.

Step 3. Click on Get extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Step 4. Search for Adblock Plus and click the Get button next to it.

Step 5. Click Add extension.

Step 6. Now, open YouTube and make sure the option is turned on.

Block YouTube Ads on Edge

However, Once installed, it will automatically start to remove ads from YouTube videos. Now enjoy YouTube videos without any ads on Microsoft Edge.

Adblock Plus Edge Youtube

Best Trick to Block YouTube Ads on Any Browser on Computer and Mobile

The trick requires no software, extensions to install on your browser or even some sort of long string of code to memorize. In this trick, you only need to add just one extra character to the video URL, specifically a dot (.) after the “.com” in the URL. This trick works on computer as well as on mobile.

In simple words, instead of visiting “” you would go to ““.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. This is how you can block YouTube ads on Microsoft Edge Chromium-based using Adblock Plus ad-blocking extension. However, by using the Adblock Plus extension on Edge, it will block all ads whether you’re watching YouTube videos or browsing websites.

Youtube adblock edge chromium

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Adblock Youtube Edge

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Adblock Youtube Safari

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Microsoft has issued a warning about a conflict between Microsoft Edge and the AdBlock Plus browser extension that causes problems when watching YouTube videos.

According to Microsoft, when Microsoft Edge users with the AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for YouTube extensions installed watch a YouTube video, they may be shown an error stating, 'An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: [video_id]).'

While they work on fixing the bug, Microsoft states that you can prevent the error from being displayed by disabling the AdBlock extension and refreshing the page again.

For users seeing this error message when watching YouTube videos, even if Adblock Plus is not installed, Microsoft is asking for feedback to be submitted via the browser.

To leave feedback for the Microsoft Edge developers, go to Edge Menu > Help and Feedback > Send feedback and a feedback form will appear with the URL of the page you are having trouble already entered.

Microsoft asks that you provide a detailed description of the issue so that it can be fixed.


Since posting this article, readers have told BleepingComputer that this issue is also affecting other Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome and Brave Browser.

We have not been able to independently verify if this is the case.

Adblock Youtube EdgeAdblock youtube edge pro

Update 6/24/20: This bug is not only affecting Microsoft Edge, but also Google Chrome and Brave Browser.

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