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I am not surprised to find 100% of the reviews about Canary on Trustpilot are “Bad”. The lowest rating. I am not the one to complain, but after sending tens of email messages to Canary, I decided to write. I purchased two cameras back when the company was starting, with the promise I would be able to access the videos anytime I wanted. Canary looks good, is fast, and has solid security support. Then there are the basic functions that are missing: - message tagging - some kind of rules-based sorting feature, to automate moving messages to folders Finally, the defect in the message editor incorrectly creating email or phone number links.

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Canary Mail Review

This is 2017 and encrypted email is a necessity. In a sense, this is how an iOS email should be. Canary Mail for iPhone comes with easy encryption, natural language search, instant read receipts and a friendly UI that is easy to navigate. You can download Canary Mail app for $4.99 from iTunes.

The Mail

Canary Mail app for iPhone has proprietary algorithms that determine which of your emails is likely to just be junk. A simple tap on the magic wand and a scroll through your emails is what it takes to find, select, and then delete those unwanted junk emails. The app automatically identifies important emails and highlights them in the ‘Focused’ Inbox. You can choose to be notified of important emails only. Canary Mail app also got a feature wherein you’ll be notified when the recipient reads your email. This provides for interactive email communication and effective follow up. Further, the app’s natural language search enables you to find what you need, in the way you think about it. So you could search for “Emails to Tim”, “Photos from dad”, “Spreadsheets this week”, to get the right email or file at the first shot. On the security front, Canary Mail offers PGP encryption out of the box. To simplify key management, it lets you search for your contacts on Keybase. Further, the local DB on your device is encrypted, and no personal data (this includes account credentials, access tokens, or email content) is stored on the app servers. So no hacker could get hold of your data by hacking the mail servers.

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Canary Mail app comes with Google Drive and Dropbox integration for sending large attachments. It also offers support for Gmail labels and Exchange. Last but not the least, the app works with most IMAP providers, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Canary Mail requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Final Take

Canary Mail app for iPhone offers great OpenPGP email encryption to secure your email communication. The unified inbox is gorgeous, and the filters work to make your email-time more efficient and productive. Its natural language search makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. As the app stores every data locally and not on its servers, you’re more in control of your personal information. Support for popular IMAP providers and cloud services come handy. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Check it out if your work involves lots of communication over email.

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Canary Mail Review Of Service

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Canary Mail Review

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