Cisco Anyconnect Windows Xp

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Cisco Anyconnect Windows Xp

Some employees require/prefer the ability to connect to the VPN before logging in to their Corporate Laptop so all their mapped drives will be there upon login. In order to activate this feature, you must add the optional Cisco AnyConnect Sign-on Before Login (SBL) Components. You can enable or disable this feature once installed by going into the preferences on the AnyConnect client login screen.

***NOTE: Pre-Logon is NOT available on the Mac platform.

Windows Pre-Login API's

  • Windows XP : GINA: GraphicalIdentification aNd Authentication

  • Windows 7: PLAP: Pre-Logon Authentication Provider.

Cisco Anyconnect Windows Xp

Please note the following: SBL behaves much differently on Windows XP than it does on Windows 7. This is because the differences in technology between the XP and Windows 7 Pre-Login API's. For that reason, there are different pages for installing SBL on Windows 7 and XP. If you are looing for the Windows XP Instructions, please click here.


  • You should already have your AnyConnect VPN Client installed using the instructions located on the previous page.
  • You can already connect to the VPN with your account.
  • You should understand that you cannot access your RSA SecurID Software Token during the Pre-Logon phase if it is installed on your laptop. If you want to use the SBL Components, you must have one of the following:
    • An RSA SecurID Keyfob Token
    • An RSA SecurID software Token on your Corporate Blackberry or Apple IOS Device (iPhone, iPad)

If you do not have a token please contact the Enterprise IT Help Desk for assistance. 516-803-HELP (4357)

Detailed Installation Instructions

1. Download the AnyConnect SBL Components here, you will be prompted to Run or Save the file. Please Click 'Save' and then save it to your desktop, and then save the file to your desktop as seen in the images below.


2. Locate the file on your desktop, and double-click on it to begin the installation.

3. Click Next

4. It should be a very quick installation. Please click Finish when completed. You will then be prompted to re-boot your machine. Please click 'Yes' to restart your system.

Cisco anyconnect windows xp license

1. When you start your machine, you should see the screen as seen in the image below prompting you to 'Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to log on'. Press CTRL +ALT + DEL.

2. You should now see the login screen prompting you to login. Instead of logging in, please click on 'Switch User' as seen below.

3. On the 'Switch User' Screen, you should now see a new icon in the lower right hand corner as highlighted in the image below. Click that button to activate the Cisco AnyConnect Client in this PLAP state.

4. Once you do that, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client should appear on the screen. Please select, enter your UserID and Passcode to connect to the VPN. ****NOTE: As mentioned above in the 'Before You Begin' section, you must have an external method of generating a Passcode in order to use the SBL feature.

5. Once connected, you should return back to the PLAP screen as seen below. DO NOT press any of the buttons with the warning signs on them in the image, as doing so will disconnect your VPN session. To logon to the Domain, please click the button 'Other User'.

6. At this point, you can now login using your normal Domain credentials.

7. Once authenticated, all your mapped drive should be there as if you were connected to the LAN at your desk.

To disable the SBL feature in the AnyConnect client, you must do the following:

1. Connect to the VPN (normally - not in SBL mode)

Cisco Anyconnect Vpn Windows 10

2. While connected, double click on the AnyConnect Icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen as seen in the image above. This will open the AnyConnect Client window.

Cisco Anyconnect Windows Phone 8

3. In the client window, please click on the connection tab as seen below.

4. On the Connections Tab, click the preferences button next to where it says

5. On the Preferences page, check or uncheck to enable/disable the SBL feature.

Installing the VPN Client

  1. Download the AnyConnect VPN client for Windows. Note: If you're using Microsoft Edge, the program will download as a '' file. You will need to rename the file to 'sys_attachment.msi'
    • If you have the Windows Surface Pro X tablet with an ARM-based processor, you should download the AnyConnect VPN client for ARM64.
  2. Click Run on the Open File – Security Warning dialog box.
  3. Click Next in the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Setup dialog box, then follow the steps to complete the installation. NOTE: We recommend you un-check everything (Web Security, Umbrella, etc) except for the VPN and the Diagnostic and Reporting Tool (DART). This will give you a minimal install. The other features are not supported so there's no need to install them.

Starting the VPN Client

Cisco Anyconnect Windows App

  1. Go to Start->Programs->Cisco->Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to launch the program.
  2. Enter in the Ready toConnect to field, then press the Connect button.
  3. Select your desired connection profile from the Group drop-down menu:
    • UCIFULL – Route all traffic through the UCI VPN.
      • IMPORTANT: Use UCIFULL when accessing Library resources.
    • UCI – Route only campus traffic through the UCI VPN. All other traffic goes through your normal Internet provider.
  4. Enter your UCInetID and password, then click OK.
  5. A banner window will appear. Click Accept to close that window. You are now connected!

Disconnecting the VPN Client

Cisco Anyconnect Windows Xp Free

When you are finished using the VPN, remember to disconnect.

Cisco Anyconnect For Windows 10

  1. Right-click the AnyConnect client icon located in the system tray near the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Quit.