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Mar 21st, 2021
Friday Night Funky Game

A handman figurine of the BOYFRIEND from Friday Night Funkin, that's right! Snag one of only 50 that will be made within the very halls of the Newgrounds office itself. Estimated delivery Mar 2022. Ships to Anywhere in the world. 14 backers Limited (36 left of 50) Add-ons. Friday Night Funkin week 6 takes a long time to load. If loading stops, try refreshing the page, sometimes it helps. The game may not work properly on older Chromebooks. Friday Night Funkin' The coolest rhythm game By ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade. WHO WANTS TO 1V1 IN FUNKY FRIDAY SEND ME UR USER AND ILL ACCEPT AND I WILL 1V1.

Friday Night Funkin Full Game Newgrounds

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  1. Autoplay = true, -- is the autoplayer is enabled
  2. ReleaseDelay = 7, -- time to wait before releasing the note (in ms)
  3. Percentages = { -- accuracy percentages
  4. ['Good'] = 0,
  5. ['Bad'] = 0
  6. }
  7. loadstring(game:HttpGet(''))()
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