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Get the all-new, fully redesigned Cleaner App for Android devices. Cleaner provides an easy-to-use way to free up your space of your Android device. PhoneClean is a small, simple yet robust iOS cleaner App for iPhone that allows you to eliminate trash from your iPhone effortlessly. It can clean temporary files, useless garbage, documents, cache and cookies in one simple tap. This application also performs a real-time scan and cleans up all the duplicate files and junk files in one go. BG Eraser is a FREE online Background Eraser Tool that instantly removes background from photos/images automatically and is based on AI technology.

Enter Safe Mode

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Ensure that your system is not connected with the internet. This helps you to prevent the malware from leaking your personal data. If you feel that your system is infected by a malware, boot your PC in Safe Mode. This is done to avoid any automatic malware entry when you start Windows. You can prevent malware infection onto the system while you are in the safe mode.


To start Windows in safe mode, you must first shut down the PC. Click F8 key on the PC to turn on the PC. Press F8 key continuously that will help you reach out to the Advanced Boot Options menu, choose Safe Mode with Networking from the menu and press Enter. Now that you are in safe mode, your system can run faster. With this you can make sure that your system is infected with virus.

Delete Temporary Files

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When you are in Safe mode, you can run a scan to check for malware infections. Before you could even start your scan, you can delete all the temporary files. By doing this, virus scanning can be done quickly. This will free some of the disk space.

Use an Antivirus software

The first source of defense is the use of an antivirus software. Antivirus helps you scan your system for viruses and remove it once found. Some of the basic features of an antivirus system is that it helps in Background Scanning, offers complete system scans and updates on virus definitions. Comodo Antivirus is one of the best antivirus software for malware removal. It uses some of the following techniques to defend malware,

  • Behavioral-based detection
  • Signature-based detection
  • Sandbox detection
  • Heuristic-based detection
  • Data mining techniques

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Use of an Internet Security Suite

Antivirus and Firewall only helps in the basic defense against malware. It is more convenient for the users to deal with Malware Removal with a combination of security software. Comodo offers such a security suite by integrating cloud based antivirus, firewall, Spyware scanning and some of the advanced techniques like Defense + technology, Auto Sandbox Technology and much more, all put together to be called as Internet Security Suite. The auto sandboxing technique makes the security product to outsmart other security products as it helps to isolate the suspicious files from interfering the normal operations of the system. This helps the computer to stay protected even from the most threatening zero day threats.