Macos Microsoft Edge

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Macos Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Macos M1

Microsoft has announced a new update engine for Microsoft Edge on macOS devices, with users running the Canary build getting it as we speak.

The company explains that the AutoUpdate system that was originally used by Microsoft Edge was a little bit confusing given it’s also used by Office applications, with the process overall also being rather slow.


So the company has started the work on a native update system for Microsoft Edge on macOS, with the new experience currently available in the Canary builds of the browser for Intel chips. Microsoft explains it’ll also be included in the builds aimed at Apple Silicon shortly.

Configure Microsoft Edge policies on macOS The first step is to create your plist. You can create the plist file with any text editor or you can use Terminal to create the configuration profile. However, it's easier to create and edit a plist file using a tool that formats the XML code for you. Oct 29, 2020 Edge for macOS is Microsoft’s first browser for the Mac in 20 years. The first version of macOS comes preinstalled with Internet Explorer 5.0, which is discontinued now. Let’s check out what the Edge browser offers. Features of Microsoft Edge.

New update system currently in testing

The new update system is supposed to make the process overall feel more seamless, especially because the updates will now be installed in the background all automatically.

“The new update experience is now Edge-native. It will solely be responsible for updating Edge-related products and will not be affected (e.g. blocked) by other pending product updates. Updates will happen automatically and silently, and no out-of-Edge notifications/toasts will be shown. edge://settings/help now more consistently reflects update status and allows seamless updates. In-app update notifications are promptly reflected when an update becomes available,” Microsoft explains.

Macos Microsoft Edge

The Redmond-based software giant hasn’t provided an ETA as to when this feature is scheduled to land in the production channel, but version 91 is projected to go live in the stable build in the week of May 27.

Macos Microsoft Edge

The transition to the Chromium engine allowed Microsoft to bring Edge browser to more platforms, so in addition to Windows 10, its application is now also available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, and Linux. At this point, however, Edge for Linux is still in preview stage, but it should reach the stable channel later this year.