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Microsoft Edge Canary is released for Android Available for now only on Android while iOS is on hold, Edge Canary offers the same advantages we have already experienced on its desktop counterpart. And as with the desktop version, Edge Canary will be updated daily, this being one of the differences with the Dev Channel version, which receives a. Analysis – Post-Exploitation from Microsoft Exchange HAFNIUM. Mitigate Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities CISA. Analyzing Attacks Against Microsoft Exchange Server With China Chopper Webshells. Disclaimer: The information in the Red Canary Blog is made available for educational purposes only.


Microsoft's Edge browser is getting a new performance mode, and it's already available for testing if you happen to be running the Canary version of the browser. Spotted by user HotCakeX on the Microsoft Tech Community Forums (via WinCentral), there's a new toggle under the System section of the browser's settings page where users can enable performance mode.

Microsoft Canary Build

According to the description, enabling performance mode 'helps you optimize speed, responsiveness, CPU, memory, and battery usage' for the browser, though it doesn't specify at what cost those improvements might come. However, it is worth noting that enabling the option disables the timer for sleeping tabs, which likely means it's set to one of the lowest values automatically. Putting tabs to sleep can help save resources and improve performance, so it makes sense that this is one of the settings that's enabled with performance mode.

Microsoft does note that the performance improvements enabled by this toggle will vary depending on your system configuration and your browsing habits. Users with more tabs may notice a bigger difference, for instance, if those tabs are put to sleep quickly.

Microsoft canary edge

Performance mode began rolling out with version 91.0.586.0, but it's a hidden feature. You'll need to use a launch parameter to enable it, similar to the Workspaces feature spotted last week. In this case, the launch parameter is as follows:

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The same user on the Tech Community Forums also noted the recent addition of the ability to add text to a PDF file in Edge Canary. This also appears to be a controlled rollout, as the feature isn't available on our end yet.

Microsoft Edge Canary Release Date

On the topic of performance, Microsoft recently released a Canary version of Edge for Android, featuring a series of improvements over the stable release. You can check out our comparison between the two versions here.