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After initial reluctance and uncertainties, it seems that Microsoft is finally going to bring the new Edge browser to Linux. In its annual developer conference Microsoft Ignite 2019, the session on Edge Browser mentioned that it is coming to Linux. So Chromium users have had hardware acceleration on Linux for some time, depending on their Linux distribution or if they installed the patched Chromium in some other way. On Ubuntu / Linux Mint there's a PPA with VA-API patched Chromium builds. Thus, these instructions may also work for Chromium browser, depending on how it's built. Oct 21, 2020 One month after the announcement, the Preview of Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser is now available for Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE, and here’s how you can install it.For starters, Edge. Installing Microsoft Edge on Linux. There are two ways to get started with Microsoft Edge on Linux. The simplest approach is to download and install a.deb or.rpm package directly from the Microsoft Edge Insider site – this will configure your system to receive future automatic updates. Nov 05, 2019 Chromium-based Microsoft Edge launches on January 15th, 2020. At the moment, Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge web browser is still in development with an RC (Release Candidate) build already.

Microsoft has confirmed during its Ignite 2019 conference that the forthcoming Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge web browser will also be available on the Linux platform.

Initially designed only as a replacement for the existing Microsoft Edge web browser that ships with the latest Windows 10 operating system, the new Chromium-based build aims to be cross-platform, allowing users to use it on their Windows PCs, Macs, and even Linux PCs, as well as on mobile devices.

During the Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference, an annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners, the tech giant revealed all the platforms on which is upcoming Edge browser will be compatible with, such as Android, iOS, and macOS, and, to our surprise, a Linux version will be coming in the near future as well.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge launches on January 15th, 2020

At the moment, Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge web browser is still in development with an RC (Release Candidate) build already available for download on Windows and Mac platforms. The company confirmed the general availability on January 15th, 2020, but don't expect it to be available on Linux at that time.

Microsoft hasn't detailed its plans for the Chromium-based Edge browser on the Linux platform, so we'll just have to trust them and wait for the first pre-release version to hit the streets to believe Microsoft really does care for Linux users and it's not just showing off to be cool again.

While the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser promises numerous interesting features, most of them will be useful only to Windows users, of course, so for Linux users the upcoming web browser might be yet another Chromium clone, so you better stick with the original, which is open source and free to download on all GNU/Linux distributions.

Here are all the platforms the new Microsoft Edge is compatible with. Linux coming later.— Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) November 4, 2019

Microsoft Edge is a fast and secure browser for the modern web. It is built with Chromium same as used by Google Chrome browser. In this article we will show you how to install the Microsoft Edge Browser web browser on Ubuntu 20.04.

Currently, for Linux the developer preview is available and the stable version is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can synchronize your bookmarks, history, and passwords on all your devices using the Edge like other browser.

Install Edge Browser on Ubuntu#

Microsoft Edge Chromium Ubuntu Windows 10

It’s straightforward process to install Edge browser on Ubuntu. We’ll use the Microsoft Edge repository to install the package with apt from the command-line.

Perform the following steps to install Edge on Ubuntu:

Step 1 – Install Dependencies#

First of all, update the packages index and install the dependencies using below command. Make sure you are logged in as user with sudo privileges:


sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget

Microsoft Edge Chromium For Ubuntu

Step 2 – Enable Edge Repository#

Import the Microsoft GPG key with wget :

Use below command to enable the Edge browser repository:

Step 3 – Install Edge#

After enabling the repository, you can install Edge by typing:

That’s it. You have install Edge on your Ubuntu system.

You can update the Edge package using following command when the new version is released:

Launch Edge Browser#

Go to Activities and search for keyword “Edge”, click on the icon to launch:


If you are familiar with the command line you can open by typing microsoft-edge on your terminal.

It will show the following window when you start the Edge browser first time. It will ask, if you want to send usage statistic and diagnostic data to Microsoft:

Click on Accept and get started button to go ahead.

Microsoft Edge For Linux Ubuntu



You have learned how to install Microsoft Edge on your Ubuntu 20.04. You also can import your bookmarks, and settings to Edge from your other browser like Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, etc.

If you have any question, feel free leave a comment below.

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