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I’ve been a huge fan of Minitube. I use it nearly every work day to run interesting videos to give me a nice sound backdrop to work by. Mostly, I find myself playing AMVs, but I also enjoy just typing in random stuff to see what it starts playing.

The minitube website has no instructions that I can find. As with most things Linux, I am sure there is a secret trick of something I have to install or configure to get it to work, but I can't find the answer by googling. Installing Minitube on Linux The binary download is just a “best effort”. The proper way to install Minitube on Linux is through packages built for your distribution. Unzip what you have downloaded and run minitube.

However, a few weeks ago, it just suddenly stopped working. I was sad, but there was a lot of stuff going on, so I just left it broken. Today, I found the fix.

On Minitube’s install page, Flavio mentions removing the phonon-backend-xine package as a possible solution. I tried it, and it worked. Given that I don’t know what other software may rely on this, I tried reinstalling the package, and Minitube still worked. After rebooting, I found that it no longer worked again, so it seems that the package does need to stay removed. I’ve updated the following to only show removing the package.

Minitube Linux Fedora

Here’s how you can do what I did.

Hopefully, you’ll be fast on your way to enjoying a fully-functional Minitube once again. If this doesn’t fix your issue, Minitube now has a forum that could help you out.

Good luck and happy Minitubing.


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Minitube Linux Download

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