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Remove the DRM protection from your music collection in iTunes by simply choosing artists or songs, backing up files, and choosing the desired output format

Copyrighted content protection and the control over devices and digital content after it has been sold to third-parties is possible to some extent through the usage of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. You can remove this protection with specialized applications like myFairTunes.

Specifically designed for personal use

Since there is some controversy regarding the usage of such methods, a number of users choose to find and make use of applications that remove the protection enforced on the purchased content. This happens mostly when it comes to music and a utility that can help you if you wish to clear DRM restrictions from the songs and albums you legally acquired is myFairTunes.

This program is especially designed to work with iTunes and process the items in its library. Using this software you can easily search through the entire collection and locate the songs that bear DRM protection.

The free DRM removal software myFairTunes is a good choice for those who only need to convert iTunes M4P files and are on a tight budget. On the other hand, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is undoubtedly worth it for those whose files spread across not only iTunes formats but also other DRM protected media files like WMV and WMA. MyFairTunes only work on Windows personal computers. This cannot be installed on a Mac personal computer. This application’s interface could be a bit complicated for some. This requires the installation of Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0.

Choose source files and output format

The interface of myFairTunes is clearly bent on functionality rather than good looks, but this is by no means an inconvenient because it will simply get the job done faster. Thus, you can browse the playlists and convert the files with Digital Rights Management into clean music tracks that can be copied and backed up without any kind of restriction.

The application offers a facility for creating backups of the original files in MP4 format and have them removed altogether from iTunes. Also, configuring the settings from the 'Options' area you will be able to turn the selected songs into MP3, keep the RAW AAC stream or activate and use the 'Tunebite High-Speed Dubbing' driver.

The progress of the conversion as well as other logs of various actions are displayed in the 'Status' area of myFairTunes, in case you seek for extra information concerning the running jobs.

On an ending note

To conclude, it's probably safe to say that for anyone interested in cleaning their iTunes music library of any DRM restrictions, myFairTunes is an application that should be on the list of priorities, especially since it is very easy to use and doesn't require complex configurations.

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For people who want to free the songs purchased from iTunes Store before 2009, myFairTunes is a good choice to help get rid of the annoyed DRM. myFairTunes was quite popular among the iTunes users. Together with Requiem DRM Removal, they are regarded as the best free iTunes DRM Removers in the market that enable users to remove Apple’s Fairplay DRM and set purchased iTunes movie and music free, freely. As the time goes by, the way to enjoy music has been slightly changed, instead of purchasing, many people choose to subscribe the music streaming service, such as Apple Music. To remove DRM from Apple Music and free the songs from Apple Music as well, iTunes users used to use myFairTunes, but get no luck this time. Does myFairTunes could remove DRM from Apple Music as it does to iTunes M4P music? In this post, we would introduce you myFairTunes, tell you what it does, and does not, as well as the best alternative to myFairTunes to free iTunes music, Apple Music songs.

What is myFairTunes? What is does and does not? How it works?

myFairTunes is a free DRM removal program that works on iTunes. By using this program, you can easily search through the entire collection and locate the songs that bear DRM protection. Configure the settings from the ‘Options’ area to turn the selected songs into MP3. Then click Start to create backups of the original music files into MP3 audio and have the DRM removed altogether from iTunes.

As myFairTunes does not strip the DRM from iTunes purchased music by re-coding, thus, the resulted audio keeps the original quality of your iTunes song. That’s also one reason why so many people love it.

So good free iTunes DRM removal as myFairTunes, it is a pity that it only works under very specific situation now. And according to myFairTunes developer’s announcement, they stopped upgrading the software years ago. Version 7.0.2 is the current and the final version. Apart from this, there are some more limitations about myFairTunes.

It has a bit complicated interface.
It can only be installed on Windows based computer.
It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed.
It can only work under iTunes 10.7.5 or earlier.
It can not remove DRM from Apple Music.

Why myFairTunes Alternative? What is the best alternative to myFairTunes iTunes music DRM Removal?

If you still want to use myFairTunes to remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs, that is fine. Be sure that you run Windows and keep your iTunes under 10.7.5 or easier version. For those people, who prefer upgrading iTunes version to get the latest feature or subscribing to Apple Music and wanna find a solution to get rid of the DRM or running Mac operation system, myFairTunes is outdated and can’t meet the demand.


It is necessary to find a myFairTunes alternative to remove DRM from Apple Music, as well as iTunes M4P music without caring about either iTunes version or computer OS. And I would like to recommend you iTunes DRM Audio Converter, which is the best alternative to myFairTunes DRM removal through our thoughtful review.

The best alternative to myFairTunes – iTunes DRM Audio Converter

Myfairtunes mac free

iTunes DRM Audio Converter is a beautiful and powerful iTunes music DRM removal. It is the combination of three standalone applications: Apple Music converter, iTunes M4P converter as well as Audiobook converter. With this iTunes music converter, you can easily convert any iTunes songs or Apple Music tracks to DRM-free MP3, AAC or lossless FLAC, WAV formats in up to 20X fast conversion speed, keeping lossless quality.

Comparing to myFairTunes, iTunes DRM Audio Converter has following advantages:

It has good look.
It supports both Windows and Mac OS.
It require no plug-in or any drivers installed for working properly.
It always keep up to date, supports iTunes 12 and Windows/Mac latest version.
It removes DRM from Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs as well as Audible AA/AAX audiobooks.
It converts the files at up to 20X conversion speed, retaining ID3 tags.

How iTunes DRM Audio Converter works to convert Apple Music and iTunes M4P songs?

Step 1: Open iTunes DRM Audio Converter and click Add to import the Apple Music or iTunes M4P songs. The program detects the iTunes library automatically and what you need to do is select the songs you’d like to convert.

Step 2: Click the gear button on the top right of the program and choose the output format. This iTunes DRM music converter supports 4 output formats: MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV.

Myfairtunes mac download

Step 3: Press Convert button to start Apple Music or iTunes M4P music conversion. The converted songs are DRM-free now and you could enjoy the songs without restriction.

The whole process is quite easy, especially with the simple and self-explained interface. As it is impossible to run myFairTunes on iTunes 12 to convert Apple Music or iTunes M4P songs, this iTunes DRM Audio Converter is the best alternative to complete the task. Although it costs around$40, it’s worth every penny when you save the money to purchase songs time and time again.

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