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Parallels desktop 16 已经发布,它兼容最新的 macOS Big Sur 操作系统,提速了图形组件,优化了启动和退出速度,最重要的是,它能大大减少虚拟机系统占用的系统空间。 此版本Parallels Desktop 16已经修复MacOS 11 big sur 下的无法联网、键盘无法使用、融合模式问题!.

The more major versions of macOS that you are jumping to get to macOS 11 Big Sur, the more I recommend that you: Make a complete backup of your current Mac system, and keep that unchanged until you are satisfied that macOS 11 Big Sur is working properly. Start your backups of macOS 11 Big Sur on new media. Released August 11, 2020., Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac comes with the following highlights: Is ready for the new macOS Big Sur architecture; In Windows and Linux VMs, DirectX 11 is 20 percent faster and there are improvements for the OpenGL 3 graphics; The battery life when users activate “Travel Mode” in Windows is up to 10 percent longer.

Apple has at last released macOS Big Sur! First previewed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2020, and then finally released to the world in November 2020, macOS Big Sur has had the longest beta development cycle of any macOS release in recent history.

The silver lining: engineers at Parallels® used this time to work in lockstep with their Apple counterparts in an effort to ensure that users will have the best possible Parallels Desktop® experience once migrated to macOS Big Sur.


The greatest amount of Parallels engineering work came in response to a significant change in the underpinnings of macOS Big Sur. As a Mac user, you may have seen dialogs (like the one shown in Figure 1) when using macOS Catalina or macOS Mojave.

The change in the macOS necessitated the re-architecture of Parallels Desktop (seen in Figure 2).

While this figure illustrates what may appear to be a small change, it required the largest amount of engineering work in Parallels Desktop 16 and the equivalent of 25 man-years of engineering effort. This change means that even more of the performance and security of Parallels Desktop will be derived from Apple’s updates to the internal architecture of macOS going forward.

In addition to the work diagrammed in Figure 2, the Parallels engineers have added a number of new features to Parallels Desktop 16, and to bundled products Parallels Toolbox and Parallels Access, including:

  • macOS Big Sur support
  • 3D support in macOS VMs

Learn more about these features in Video 1.

Parallels Desktop is ready for you when you decide to migrate to macOS Big Sur. Let us know in the comments when you will be upgrading, and then, how the migration went!

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We’re kicking off 2021 by bringing you some powerful new features in the latest update of Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), version 8.7. This plug-in extends Microsoft SCCM to manage Macs, iPhones and iPads. In version 8.7, your ability to manage all Apple Mac devices on Microsoft SCCM just got better, with new support for:

  • User configuration profile deployment on macOS 11 Big Sur
  • HTTP/2-based APNs provider API in Parallels MDM
  • Microsoft Configuration Manager 2010
  • … as well as several other improvements

User Configuration Profile Deployment on macOS Big Sur

Previously, in version 8.6, we added the ability to install configuration profiles to macOS 11 Big Sur-powered Mac devices via Mobile Device Management (MDM). Now, you’ll be able to deploy user-level configuration profiles as well. All Macs, which will be enrolling in Parallels MDM, will have user-level MDM enabled by default.

For those Macs that were enrolled in MDM or DEP using previous versions of Parallels Mac Management, a few additional steps are required. Don’t worry, they’re straightforward. For more information, please visit this Knowledge Base article.

HTTP/2-based APNs Provider API in Parallels MDM

Apple is phasing out its legacy binary protocol for push notifications in favor of the new HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provider API, which lets organizations take advantage of more advanced capabilities such as authentication with a JSON Web Token, improved error messaging and per-notification feedback.

Starting with Parallels Mac Management version 8.7, the Parallels MDM service will already be using the HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provider API when it works with APNs to send push notifications for various MDM functions, such as Parallels Mac Client push installation and others.

Complete List of Updates

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For a complete list of the updates included in 8.7, please visit this page.