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Voukoder After Effects

Voukoder has been split up into two components starting with this release: The Voukoder Core component (this part) An application specific Connector module (i.e. For Premiere/MediaEncoder, After Effects or VEGAS). First version of Voukoder for After Effects Added support for spherical and stereo3d video data (EAC3/DTS/TrueHD) Added audio encoders (Vogelforscher). Mar 13, 2019 Voukoder is an Addon that works with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects and the Adobe Media Encoder which enables you to use your graphics card for exporting Videos which is in most cases much faster but how much faster depends on the CPU and GPU. I also should mention, that Voukoder is completely free.

After the installation of the Cinegy Adobe CC plugin for Adobe Premiere (and Adobe Media Encoder) you can configure its settings by double clicking on the desktop icon which then opens a small configuration panel. These settings are only relevant for import and editing using the Cinegy Daniel2 codec format. Adobe After Effects; VEGAS Pro; VirtualDub 2; Stay up-to-date, discuss on the forums and get all announcements and news at Patreon: https.

Voukoder After Effects Project

Voukoder After Effects

Voukoder After Effects Kids

Voukoder is an open source plugin for the Adobe Media Encoder that makes many additional encoders from the FFMpeg project usable under Premiere and After Effects without having to 'interpose' a frameserver or another additional tool. A simple installation is all it takes to use all the additional encoders conveniently via a drop-down menu.
In addition to the proven CPU encoders (including ProRes for Windows!), the voucoder also provides hardware-accelerated H.264/HEVC encoders for Nvidia and AMD hardware. In detail these are:

- libx264
- libx265
- NVENC h.264 (NVidia GPU accelerated)
- NVENC h.265 (NVidia GPU accelerated)
- AMF h.264 (AMD GPU accelerated)
- AMF h.265 (AMD GPU accelerated)
- ProRes
- VP8
- VP9
- FFV1
- AC-3
- Vorbis
- opus
- PCM 16 bit
- PCM 24 bit
- mp4
- sailor
- mov
- webm
The plugin should be backwards compatible up to Premiere CS6 and run on both PC and Mac.
And best of all: The voukoder is completely free of charge. But that doesn&t mean that you should leave the programmer empty-handed if you&re using the plugin. If you like it, you can donate once via Paypal or even better a regular, small amount via Patreon. The latter might be especially beneficial for a constant further development and maintenance of the plugin.
Thanks to Spreeni for the note in our forum.